Neighborhood Alerts: Keeping You Informed

Courtesy Reminders
Our Property Manager has received several complaints from owners regarding the following:

  • Do not ride motorized bikes in the retention areas. No one should not be riding there. The advise is to call the police Non- emergency line (408-782-4130) if you see motorized bikes in the common areas or retention areas.

  • 2. Pet owners not picking up after their pets. (Basically the dogs) The Property Manager can't possibly monitor this problem. This is a matter of courtesy to your neighbors! All pet owners should be carrying plastic bags when they go out on a walk. It isn't the fault of the dog that it needs to poo, but it IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER to pick it up! Turn the bag inside out to act as a glove over your hand, grab the poo, and then turn the bag to enclose the poo in the bag. Dispose of it in your garbage receptacle when you get back home. (If you are squeemish about the feel through the plastic bag, take some paper towels to cover the poo first).